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Our goal is to provide a convenient, affordable and guaranteed windscreen replacement service that our valued customers can rely on.

For complete windscreen replacement, side window replacement, rear window replacement and windscreen chip repair, Melbourne drivers can trust Chipped Windscreen Repairs.

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Windscreen Repair

At Chipped Windscreen Repairs we prefer to repair windscreens as opposed to replacing them. This way we can save you time and money. If a chip is left it can develop into an unrepairable crack. At Chipped Windscreens our expert technicians are usually able to make sure the repair process takes place in less than 30 minutes and when complete, your windscreen will be back to 100% strength. A special resin is pumped into the chip leaving the repair almost invisible to the eye. And you are able to drive away immediately in most cases.

Windscreen Replacement

If a windscreen is beyond repair we offer a cheap and professional quality guaranteed replacement service. Our expert technicians come to your home or office. The process takes around 45 minutes and in this time your windscreen will be replaced. We only use glass that meets stringent Australian standards that can leave you with peace of mind. And once the process is complete we make sure your car is left in its original condition.

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